“I love interacting with children and watching them grow in the Lord!”

As a sonshine Kidz (children’s ministry) volunteer, I facilitate small group discussions with our primary one children. The children and I pray together and they often share prayer requests. As a small group leader, I hope to faithfully teach the children truth, engage them in meaningful discussions and help them understand what it means to love God and love others. I think it is necessary to bring up children in the way of the Lord, as what Proverbs 22:6 says.

I love interacting with the children and watching them grow in the Lord! They are incredibly lovable and it always warms my heart when they ask questions about God or volunteer to pray for each other! On one occasion, a child asked about salvation and wrote in a card that he wanted to be saved! It is so assuring to know this is the work of God, and not a result I could produce. God alone is able to call His people and draw them to Himself! 

In our lessons, I hope they will encounter God through the Bible stories shared, and then really know God on a deeper level through a personal relationship with Him. I hope they will never lose their curiosity for things of God and will continue to seek Him as they grow. I want to encourage all who serve in children’s ministry to desire a close walk with God and be rooted in the word. That way we’ll serve the children effectively and in God’s will.