Service Venues & Timings


Worship Services

Following the latest measures by MCCY, we are resuming on-site worship services in stages:
• English (max 200 pax), Chinese (max 100), only for those vaccinated/tested
• Filipino, Varsity, Youth, Bahasa & Telugu- no need for vaccination/testing as < 50 pax

(A) Worship Services for Vaccinated/ Tested Worshippers ONLY

Congregational Service

Day and Time

Capacity for On-site Service

Registration Link for On-site Service

Livestream Link

English @ Shine Auditorium (L4)

Sunday at 9am

200 pax

Opens on Sun, 4pm
Closes on Fri, 9am


Chinese @ Gospel Auditorium (L2)

Sunday at 9am 100 pax

Opens on Sun, 4pm
Closes on Fri, 9am


Vaccinated/Tested individuals refer to those who have:

1. Received the full regimen of Pfizer BioNTech/Comirnatry, Moderna or WHO EUL vaccines, with an additional two weeks for the vaccine to be effective; or

2. Recovered from Covid-19 and have a valid PET Exemption Notice; or

3. Obtained a negative result on a pre0event test (PET) administered by MOH’s approved COVID-19 test providers. This PET needs to be taken in the past 24 hours before the expected end of the event. E.g If the service you are attending will end at12pm on Sunday, you will need to go for PET between 12pm on Saturday to 12 pm on Sunday.

4. Only vaccination records that are available via HealthHub app or TraceTogether app/token are accepted.

5. We seek your understanding that worshippers who do not fulfil the above vaccinated/tested criteria will be turned away on site.

(B) Worship Services for Unvaccinated and Vaccinated Worshippers

Congregational Service

Day and Time

Capacity for On-site Service Registration Link for On-site Service

Livestream Link

Youth @ Gospel Auditorium (L2)

Saturday at 4:30m

50 pax

Opens on Sun, 4pm
Closes on Thu, 1pm


[email protected] Shine Auditorium (L4)

Every 1st Sunday at 2:30pm

50 pax

For newcomers please email [email protected]
to register


Bahasa @ Hall 3 (Attic)

Every 1st & 3rd Sunday at 10:30am

50 pax

Register directly with Sister Fei Lin via whatsapp @ 9488 0363


Filipino @ Gospel Auditorium L2

Sunday at 2pm

50 pax

Opens on Sun, 4pm
Closes on Fri, 9am


Telugu @ Gospel Auditorium L2

Sunday at 5pm NA Telugu service will go online
from 12 Sep onwards


(C) Children Service

Children Service will remain online until further notice.  Please email [email protected] to register for online Zoom Children Service on Sundays at 11am.


Prior to Worship Service

1. Register via the registration links provided above to attend worship service.

2. Include children in your registration if they are joining you in the service. If there is more than one child in the group, all children must be from the same household.

3. We are not pre-assigning the zones during registration. Zoning will be done on the day of worship.

4. If you would like to sit together with your family/friends, you are strongly encouraged to register for your e-tickets as a group, for up to a maximum of 5 pax per group.

5. If you registered successfully and are not able to attend, please return your ticket by writing to [email protected] as soon as possible. This will allow others to utilize your ticket.

6. If you do not have internet access or are unable to register online, please call 9117 6000 to register via our staff team.


On the Day of Worship Service

1. Go to Level 1 to show confirmation of your e-ticket (online registration) or whatsapp message (phone registration), take temperature, do SafeEntry via TraceTogether app/token with vaccination/tested records and receive your wrist tag.

2. If you registered as a group, you should also arrive onsite together as a group to check-in so as to ensure seating in the same zone.

3. If you would like to be in a small group with specific individuals, you should all arrive onsite together as a group to check-in, so as to be assigned to the same zone.

Please note that the following will continue to apply:

1. Safe distancing of 1m is to be observed at all times.

2. No consumption of food on premises except for the Lord’s Supper, which will be consumed at your seats.

3. All worshippers must wear a face mask at all times whilst onsite.

4. Leave the premises immediately after the worship service/small group meeting.