We're Glad You're Here

Have you ever asked yourself these questions?

“What's the real meaning/purpose of life?” “Where can I find lasting peace and joy?

We all ask these questions at some point because they reflect our deepest needs.

At Gospel Light, we believe that you are not just meant to be alive, but to experience the real life.


Care Groups

"We want to help you get connected to our caring community. Come experience the warmth and friendship of God's people. Get Connected Today!"

An Acts Church For Today

Journey with us as we seek to Know, Grow and Go for the Lord Jesus. We dream of being like the church in the book of Acts. Leading generations into a life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ.


"Check out the many roles you can use your gifts and talents for Jesus here in the Gospel Light family. Come serve with us together!"

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Gospel Light is now in Punggol and visiting us couldn't be easier. Come check out the various transport options that brings Gospel Light closer to you, wherever you are in Singapore