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Messiah Revealed
He's lived in secrecy. A hidden glory. His identity a mystery. But now publicly at the chosen hour. He enters the capital city. A conquering King and hailed as royalty. He has arrived and He declares openly, He is the King, the long-awaited Messiah.


Upside Down Kingdom
Jesus came to bring truth and direction to a world that's upside down. He came to turn the world on its head so that He could turn our hearsts back to Him.

Behold Your King
A nation longed for deliverance, a king to free them from their captors. He would arrive as a defenseless child and would prove His authority as demons and disease bowed to His will.

Secrets of the Kingdom
The parables Jesus told were stories meant to conceal the truth from those who rejected Him. But to those who received him and believed in Him were revealed the Secrets Of the Kingdom.

Home Fix
Every family needs to be a small picture of the gospel of Jesus. Starting at home, we need to remember and return the centrality of the gospel to its rightful place in our lives.

Rejection of the King
Rejection is a wound everyone faces and it often hurts more than we expect. The greatest rejection took place when the greatest gift, given in the greatest love to the least deserving was rejected.

They were ordinary men, given an extraordinary mission, to be ambassadors of the most powerful message in history.

Demonic spirits are terrified, the diseased are healed and even the dead are raised to life. The hidden divine nature of Jesus is revealed in miraculous power, proving He alone has all... Authority.

2 Ways 2 Live
Jesus said that ultimately, there are only two ways to live: there are two paths; there are two gates; there are two destinations, and there are two groups of people.

Jesus wants us to know earthly treasures do not last. They may not go suddenly or slowly but they will certainly go. Store up heavenly treasures and live for eternal pleasures.