Articles & Papers

Gospel Light Catechism
People often ask what kind of church we are and what we believe in. Although we have a statement of faith, it is too brief to communicate clearly our beliefs. Historically, churches have answered this need with a confession of faith or a catechism. Therefore, the pastors at Gospel Light have written up this modern version of a catechism for our church. 

Evangelism FAQ
This is a simple and concise document to provide seed thoughts in helping Gospel Light Christian Church members reach out to seekers.

A Focus On Tongues 
While the subject of tongues is not a fundamental doctrine like salvation, there is nonetheless great diversity of views on this.

Care Groups
The purpose of a Care Group is a biblical model for caring for an ever growing community of believers.

Vision and Mission of Gospel Light 
The early church in the book of Acts is the model for Gospel Light, we desire to be an Acts Church for this generation. The mission of the church is based on 3 essential pillars.  

The subject of healing is much debated today. Extreme views such as “God must heal all my sicknesses” at one end and “there is no real miraculous healing today” at the other are dangerous positions to take. This paper seeks to bring biblical clarity on the subject of healing.

Worship Services
The purpose of this paper is to clarify the philosophy of our worship services, in particular with regards to preaching and singing.

Following Jesus Through Suffering
Suffering is unavoidable. Suffering is everywhere. But does God care about suffering? Is there a purpose in suffering? Pastor Chee Keen shares how he grappled with the truths of the gospel in the face of cancer. The chronicle of his journey speaks hope and encouragement to those facing suffering in life.