Youth need guidance and support as they navigate the most challenging phase of their development. They are in a search for their identity, and they need spiritual leaders to help shape that journey.

Parents are called to disciple their children in the way of the Lord, and youth leaders don't take over that role, but we work alongside, supporting them during this formative stage.

Youth need a gospel-centered community that will spur them onward in their walk with the Lord. They need a community that will love them unconditionally, be patient with when they fall behind in their walk, correct them when they sin and rebuke them with truth and grace when they stray.


Youth are the future - As a church we need to believe and invest in our youth, as they have future roles to play in God’s kingdom. But even starting now in their respective areas of influence, God has already call them to the gospel work. As a student, classmate, teammate or a on their social media platforms, they have a unique and growing impact on others. Ultimately, helping our youth grow spiritually in these formative years will equip them to grow in their relationship with Christ and fulfill God’s will for their lives.