Local Church

Shepherds Department
Headed by: Pastor Jason Lim ([email protected])
– Oversee and guide the Shepherds of all congregations
– Encourage the spiritual formation of Church members through Bible Study and Life-on-Life Missional Discipleship
– Oversee the Care Groups in Church
– Guide support ministries like the Audio, Sermon Preparation, Visual and Worship ministries


Christian Education Department
Headed by: Pastor Chee Keen Seethor ([email protected])
– Provides additional Bible teaching courses for those who are spiritually hungry for more
– Oversees the Christian Education Program in the church
– Guides the training courses of the other Programs: Beginners, Topical, and Expository Study


Connections Department
Headed by: Melvyn Chia ([email protected])
– Encourage and equip Sunday Ministry leaders to serve with excellence
– Facilitate the assimilation of newcomers into Care Groups
– Mobilize the Church to take up and enjoy ministry in church


Communications Department
Headed by: Ee Kwang Teo ([email protected])
– Oversee church corporate communications and creatives
– Manage church communication channels
– Devise strategies to increase global viewership of our website and media platforms
– Oversee marketing and promotional efforts for church events and initiatives


Pastoral Care Department
Headed by: Elder Thomas Teh ([email protected])
– Encourage, support and provide guidance for those facing family issues
– Visit, minister and encourage those who are unable to attend church
– Provide biblical counselling for life issues


Community Engagement Department
Headed by: Trevor Tan ([email protected])
– Engage the community stakeholders, including religious organizations, while maintaining our Christian and Church identity
– Work with individuals and groups within Gospel Light to reach out to the community with the aim to build relationships and positively impact the community
– Organize a mix of community events and initiatives comprising churchwide events and smaller group activities
– Represent Gospel Light in community events and in Inter-Racial Religious Confidence Circles


Infrastructure Department
Headed by: Deacon Willy Dumo ([email protected])
– Oversee overall maintenance and repairs of properties under the Church
– Oversee the IT infrastructure of the Church


Administration Department
Headed by: Benita Teo ([email protected])
– Plan and coordinate all major Church events


Human Resources Department
Headed by: Benita Teo ([email protected])
– Oversee the HR matters of the Church