Church Committee And Sub-Committees


Building & Infrastructure Sub-Committee

Chairman: Melvyn Chia

Deacon Willy Dumo

Daniel Cheong


Church Committee

Chairman: Victor Yeo Mong Yang

Vice Chairman: Frederick Chew Chih Chiang

Secretary: Alfred Koh Teow Huat

Assistant Secretary: Joseph Ho Hock Choo

Treasurer: Ernest Yip Chun Lai

Assistant Treasurer: Terence Soo Wei Ming


Church Governance, Risk Management and Compliance Sub-Committee

Chairman: Frederick Chew

Jansen Leander

Lee Pak Sing

Ong Hun Giap


Finance Sub-Committee

Chairman: Denis Chua

Pastor Muk Kin Son

Deborah Kow

Ernest Yip

Josephine Chua

Lani de Jesus

Terence Soo


HR Sub-Committee

Chairman: Lee Kok Wai

Benita Teo

Jocelyn Kow


Internal Auditors

David Choo

Gina Khaw


IT Sub-Committee

Chairman: Terence Soo

Daniel Lee

Jonathan Tan

Shelah Cruz

Ted Teong


Please pray for the Church Committees as they help oversee and ensure that Gospel Light complies with governance regulations.