People often ask, “what will I get as a member?”
After all, we are familiar with the phrase “members have their privileges”.
Here at Gospel Light, we become members not because we can get more things, but that we want to commit ourselves to give more!
And it is because we realize we have already been given so much in Jesus Christ.

And so, membership is a sign of commitment- commitment to give, to serve and to be a blessing to others. It is the result of how we are radically touched and changed by the Gospel.

1.   Membership in Gospel Light Christian Church is only for those who have undergone believer's baptism and must be age 16 and above.

2.  All applicants are required to view 4 videos, answer the quizzes and attend a mandatory 2-session class. 

3. Your membership will be confirmed upon approval by our Board of Elders and thereafter your signing of the church register.

If you have already completed points 1 & 2 and the Lord has led you to take up membership with the Gospel Light family, please pick up the Membership Application form from the Front Desk or download from following link:

1. Membership Application Form ; 2. Annex A: Membership Transfer Form (if applicable);
We would appreciate it if you could also fill up the data collection form:
i. Data Collection Form (please ignore if you have filled up before)
ii. Data Collection Update  (changes of address/contact/new addition to family)

For those who would like to be baptised, please contact [email protected] to find out the next baptism date.