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Life Issues Booklets

By Pastor Randy Pope (Perimeter Church, Atlanta)

Four booklets take the reader through the process of:
Booklet 1: Is the Bible God’s Word?
Booklet 2: Do Non-Christians Really Deserve Eternal Punishment?
Booklet 3: Is Jesus Christ the Only Way to God?
Booklet 4: What is Required to Have Eternal Life?

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The Answer

Are you frustrated that your life lacks lasting satisfaction? We live in a time when people are searching for meaning, purpose and satisfaction and are frustrated, disappointed and disillusioned by the counterfeits that hold out the promise but fail to deliver. This lack of satisfaction crosses all ages, ethnicities and beliefs. It is not uncommon to speak with individuals who claim to have strong, spiritual lives, but yet do not know how one lives a life of satisfaction. The Answer seeks to address this.

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