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The Chinese Ministry welcomes all Chinese-speaking people to join us!

We enjoy our worship services, fellowship and ministry together with folks of different nationalities like Singapore, China, Malaysia and Taiwan. Our common love for Jesus, His Word and His people is what unites us as one, besides of course, the fact that we all employ the Chinese language in expressing our faith.

We also hold weekly Care Group meetings and discipleship groups that help believers deepen their walk with Jesus.

We are thrilled to have people of all ages with us. And it is especially exciting to see a younger generation of Chinese people coming to faith and growing in Christ together with us.

Pastor Chee Keen leads our Chinese Ministry.



我们有很多来自不同国家的弟兄姐妹 (如新加坡、中国、马来西亚、台湾等)一起敬拜、团契和侍奉。

我们对耶稣、圣经和弟兄姐妹的爱使我们团结在一起。 当然,我们也共同运用华文来诉说我们信仰。