At Gospel Light, we believe that every church member is a missionary. Whether at school, work, home, or around the world, God has called every believer to be mission-minded. We can join God where He is working through our prayers, our giving and our lives! Take a look at our overseas missions work here.







The Student Movement for Christ International (SMCI) ministry is possibly the largest campus ministry in the Philippines, with weekly outreaches on nearly 100 college, university and high school campuses in 35 cities and 8 Islands; Negros Oriental/Occidental, Bohol, Cebu, Leyte, Siquijor, Mindanao, Palawan and Luzon. Gospel Light Christian Church supports a team of over 50 full time and 50 part time campus workers, who weekly have over 6000 young people in discipleship. An annual evangelistic campaign to these campuses is held during the months of July and August, reaching several hundred thousands young people with the gospel and bringing Gospeliters from Singapore, foreigners and Filipinos together for room to room evangelism in these high schools, colleges and universities.

GrowPoint Ministry
7 GrowPoint churches under the GrowPoint (GP) ministry have been planted from these ministries: in the cities of Dumaguete, Tanjay, Bais, Bayawan, Saiton, Bohol and Davao, where the focus is to build relationship in order to reach the community and the families, relatives and neighbors of the college students. Many families have been saved through the GP ministries. Gospel Light supports the full time pastors and workers of the GrowPoint churches.

House Church Ministry
Over 30 Gospel Light house-churches have been planted on the island of Panay, Philippines, in the past 6 years. These churches have since become independent self-supporting churches. Presently another 8 more Gospel Light churches are in the process of going independent and self-supporting. There are about another 90 regular house bible-studies in Panay and 8 in Leyte at this time. Many of these bible-study groups will eventually become house-churches in the near future. The goal is to spread the GOSPEL LIGHT throughout the villages of rural Panay and Leyte and eventually the whole Philippines through the natural multiplication of these indigenous house-churches ---in the way described in the Book of Acts. Our goal is to start a Holy Spirit led MOVEMENT that will sweep across rural Asia.

Evangelistic Camps
Evangelistic camps are held almost weekly by our full-time Camping Team in different villages in Panay. At first these camps were held over weekends but due to cost-constraints they are now often 'day camps' where teens arrive on a weekend morning and leave at night. An average of 30-70 unsaved, unchurched teens attend each camp --- where they enjoy games and hear the Word of God. Those who profess faith are invited to follow-up Discipleship Camps and gathered into bible-study groups. Our goal is to reach rural youth for Christ and to start a MOVEMENT for Christ in the villages.

Gospel Light has trained hundreds of evangelists and disciplers in Philippines and Malaysia through its life-on-life method. A new convert is attached to a mentor who takes him on his 'rounds' in the campuses, communities and bible-studies. Evangelists and disciplers are provided with audio bibles in the vernacular and are taught to multiply themselves.



In early 2005, a Filipino Gospeliter family relocated to Kuala Lumpur to work. Their difficulty in settling down in a suitable like-minded church soon led them to start their own little Sunday fellowship service. This has grown into the Gospel Light Christian Fellowship in KL. Members from Gospel Light's Filipino congregation take turns to go up to KL to join the roster for preaching on Sundays.



In late 2005, Gospel Light sent a missionary to the Cambodian border town of Koh Kong to help our partner in planting a church. Gospel Light Baptist Church currently operates from two locations in Koh Kong.  The church recently bought a piece of land on which it intends to build a church cum community center to serve nearby communities.



Gospel Light also has ministries in several RANs in Asia. For reasons of security we do not mention these ministries in websites or in public speeches. All those interested to find out more should contact Missions Director (through the Church Office).



Gospel Light supports outreach and disciple-making projects in several cities in five provinces in China.



Gospel Light for Indonesia (GLFI) aims to share the Gospel in traditional churches in Indonesia. There are millions of Indonesians who regularly attend church because they were born in 'Christian tribes.' Most of them assume that they are Christian because they come from a 'Christian tribe.' The dozen preachers and interpreters in GLFI share the Gospel weekly in such churches preaching in congregations ranging from 100 to 10,000. The response to the Gospel has been overwhelming! Gospel Light also supports English teachers in various cities in Java and West Kalimantan.