Members’ Offering

General Offering

We give because we have been given much.

We believe true giving is out of gratitude, and not out of guilt.

And so we give because we have already been given so much, and not because we want to get more.

Gospel-centered giving is because of Jesus and what He has done for us. And so we encourage willing, cheerful giving in Gospel Light.  And our commitment is that all that is given is to be used purely for the Glory of God.

We are grateful if you are so led to give to His glory through Gospel Light!





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    (i) Via PayNow QR Code
    PayNow QR code

    1. Launch your bank’s app
    2. Select Scan and Pay
    3. Scan QR code
    4. Under the UEN/Bill Reference No. section you can:
        (i) Leave it blank or state "NA" - Offering will go towards General Fund
        (ii) State IFL or Missions - To designate the offering

    (ii) Via Unique Entity Number (UEN)

    Key in the following UEN for the various funds.

    General Fund UEN: S88SS0082AGF1
    Missions Fund UEN: S88SS0082AMF2
    IFL Repayment UEN: S88SS0082APF3

    1. Launch the PayNow service in your bank’s app
    2. Select “Send via Unique Entity Number (UEN)”
    3. Type in the relevant UEN listed above
    4. Follow the prompts to complete the transaction

Internet Bank Transfer

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    General Fund
    Account Name: Gospel Light Christian Church
    Account No: 033-021695-5
    Name of Beneficiary Bank: DBS Bank

    Missions Fund
    Account Name: Gospel Light Christian Church
    Account No: 001-042653-2
    Name of Beneficiary Bank: DBS Bank

    Punggol IFL Repayment
    Account Name: Gospel Light Christian Church
    Account No: 015-902803-8
    Name of Beneficiary Bank: DBS Bank



For your convenience, GIRO is now available for the giving of offerings at Gospel Light.

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    To join GIRO, please complete the GIRO application form and send it back to 39 Punggol Field Walk Singapore 828753.

    We hope this will help facilitate regular, disciplined and grace-driven giving for you.

    General Fund GIRO
    GIRO Form

    Missions Fund GIRO
    GIRO Form

    Punggol IFL Repayment GIRO
    GIRO Form 


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    1) Crossed cheque made payable to "Gospel Light Christian Church"

    2) On the reverse of the cheque, write Gospel Light Christian Church and the respective bank account numbers:

    • General Fund - 033-021695-5
    • Missions Fund - 001-042653-2
    • Punggol IFL Repayment - 015-902803-8


    3) Deposit cheque at any POSB or DBS bank

    4) If you live near church, you can deposit your cheque directly into our mailbox at Level 1, semi-circle area. There are directional signs at Level 1 to guide you.

Please Note

Gospel Light Christian Church is a society with charitable organisation status.  
However, we do not have IPC (Institute of Public Character) status.
Hence all donations to the church are not tax deductible.