4 Prayers At Christmas


4 Prayers At Christmas

1) You Emptied Yourself

Lord Jesus, as the season brings us again to remember your first arrival, our hearts are filled with abounding joy and gratitude. Though you were rich and possessed all things, though you dwelt in unspeakable glory, yet you emptied yourself and became poor for our sake. (2 Cor. 8:9, Phil. 2:7) We can never comprehend the mystery of how the creator of time and space could be formed in profound meekness and humility. Make us like you dear Savior, meek and lowly.

2) Peace On Earth
When your Angelic hosts, sang to shepherds there would be peace on earth, we remember that there is a war. Sinful rebels who in pride reject the loving God who formed them. The peace you bring is not a peace between nations and people, but a peace between a Holy God and sinful men. You came to bring reconciliation between a people who were once your enemies, but now have received your adoption as children. (Rom. 5:10) We thank you Jesus for the ministry of reconciliation you have given.

3) No Room, No Reception
In Bethlehem when you were born, no inn, no home would accommodate you. Though this was part of your plan and purpose, it still fills our hearts with sadness to know that Israel was so ignorant that the Messiah had arrived. That so few were faithfully watching and waiting, as you the desire of nations entered into this world. Lord Jesus, there is room in my heart for you. Take the seat of greatest honor in my heart Lord. Let every door of my heart be open, I surrender it to you fully.

4) Tributes for The King
Magi from the east saw your star and brought tributes to worship you. Gold pointed to your kingship, frankincense pointed to your priesthood and myrrh to your death. We are reminded the meaning of Christmas is ultimately in your sacrifice on the cross. Even as our eyes gaze at your Christmas star, from the day you were born your gaze was already fixed on Calvary. Lord Jesus many missed your first arrival, no one will miss your next arrival. With everything that we are, may our lives be living sacrifices, tributes worthy of the king and ready for your return.