A Gospel Debt


A Gospel Debt
Devotions with Pastor Jason Lim

Apostle Paul was a man on a mission. He understood he wasn’t saved for pleasure, but for a purpose. Within him was a deep sense of responsibility and obligation. He was a man who said "I am debtor, I am obligated, I can't see any other way to live my life, I am committed to the cause of the gospel of Jesus Christ. " “I am under obligation both to the Greeks and to barbarians, both to the wise and to the foolish.” (Romans 1:14-15)

Friends, we live in a day and age in which the devil has sung a sweet lullaby to the church. The vast majority of Christians have fallen into slumber due to this sweet lullaby. They don’t live in service but in slumber. But not Paul. He knew he was a debtor to the gospel and a debtor to the world.

In 1952 an outbreak of a disease seized the United States. Victims were stricken with severe paralysis of the body. In that year alone 58,000 people were infected, and among them, 3,000 died. The disease was polio, and Dr. Jonas Salk poured his entire life into researching for a cure. He succeeded at developing a vaccine and could have profited immensely from patenting the cure. Instead, he gave it away, saying, “I owe it to the whole world to save them from the misery of polio.”

Friends, do you realize that God has placed us where we are because we owe a gospel debt? We will face our Lord Jesus soon, and it will be a day of reckoning. May we discharge our debt well.