Always In Control


Always In Control
Devotions with Pastor Jason Lim

The world is broken. Trials and hardships in life reflect it. But amidst the groaning of creation, God’s plan is unfolding. He makes no mistake and He works for the good of those who love Him. God is in control and history is His story.

Israel was taken into captivity by the nation of Babylon, and the Israelites saw their homes and temple destroyed. But God had used this captivity to purge Israel of their idolatry. So, whilst we think God made a mistake, the Bible tells us the fact of the matter: God has a plan, just wait and see!

The supreme example of how God appeared to have lost His way (based on our limited human understanding), but actually did not, is at the cross. People mocked Jesus, saying, “If you are the Son of God, save yourself!” and “Why couldn’t you call down legions of angels to save you?” They accused Him of being a fraud and a liar. 

But today we can conclude that God did not make a mistake. The crucifixion of Jesus Christ was absolutely the work of God. Jesus was not a victim. He was the victor. On the cross, He destroyed the works of the devil and atoned for our sins. On the cross, Jesus satisfied the righteous wrath of God, reconciled sinful humanity to God, as well as displayed the grace, wisdom and power of God.

Friends, history is His story. Life looks complicated; hardship looks unnecessary; trials are devastating. But your life is part of His story and He is in control. His way is perfect and we can trust Him.