I grew up in a Christian home, but never really understood what made Christianity different from other faiths. As I grew older and met more Christians in my age group, I formed a Bible study group in school and met like-minded girls who were on a similar spiritual journey as me. I witnessed how God worked and changed their lives and yearned for that same kind of relationship with God. A relationship that was closer and active, and not just the occasional high.

Through meditating on His word, I saw how the Bible painted a clear picture of how God is always with me, it also showed me how my prayers should not be selfish demands from Him. I was amazed at how God opened my eyes to understand what He wants for me, I felt my conscience sensitized to His will. Then I started noticing changes in my life, I used to be rash with my speech and didn’t care much for how my words affected others. Now I want my actions to glorify Him and hope people are drawn to Jesus through my life. In the past, my motivation for doing anything was simply wanting to be better than others, but now I do my best to glorify God and want my goals to align with His Word. I no longer crave acceptance from friends, but rather I know that by obeying Him, I have nothing to fear because I always have His approval.

Knowing God’s love and knowing that He has accepted me for who I am has given me the courage to stop pursuing worldly things and focus on Him. Although I know I don’t deserve His grace and salvation I’m very thankful that I have the opportunity to know Him. I can rely on His strength and not mine to get through every day. “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” (Philippians 4:13)