Annie Soon


Annie Soon:

When I was young, my life was fairly smooth sailing. I believed that religion was for people who were desperate, even though I personally used to accompany my parents to the temple. I led my life under the influence of Confucianism and thus believed that I was righteous in some way.

Over the course of life, my marriage, the raising of my children, the stresses of life were overwhelming. I experienced palpitation, anxiety and panic attacks and felt helpless. When my husband and younger son became Christians, I still remained blind towards God’s love and grace. But I witnessed how their lives were being transformed by God and saw the fruit of change. Two years ago, I found myself struggling through an extremely challenging phase of my life and it revealed to me my deep helplessness and bitterness. It was then I prayed to God and decided to cast all my problems to Him. Strangely I began to feel a certain peace
within me that I never felt before. I thank God for simply accepting me for who I am.

In these 2 years at Gospel Light, I am fortunate to journey with fellow sisters in discipleship and experience the care and love of brothers and sisters in the church. Hard questions I’m compelled to ask, raised by the Sunday Sermons and my discipleship community encourage me to reflect deeply about my spiritual state. These reflections reveal hidden sin in my life, allowing me to repent and change. I thank God that I’ve found a new life in Him.