Beloved of God


Beloved of God
Devotions with Pastor Jason Lim

An esteemed theologian was once asked, "Sir, you have studied and written much about the Bible your entire life. What is the deepest theological statement you have heard in your life?" Without skipping a beat, the theologian said, "Jesus loves me this I know, for the Bible tells me so."

The gospel in the Bible speaks of astounding generosity from God. It speaks of God's amazing grace, the unmerited favour of God to undeserving and indeed, ill-deserving people. We deserve nothing but condemnation for our sinful rebellion against God. But God still loves us and gave His only Son Jesus for us. And it is through Jesus' sacrificial death that we can be saved from our sins. We who were once the enemies of God have been given a new title, the "Beloved of God". 

God's love means that we are not only saved from His wrath, but we are now heirs and co-heirs with Christ. We will receive all that the Father will give to his Son! And while we wait for that day, we can be assured that every circumstance of life in the present, is a good and perfect gift from our Father above! So dear friends, listen up. For God so loved the world, that He gave His only Son, that whosoever believes in Him (Jesus), will not perish, but have everlasting life. May the amazing goodness of God lead you to repent and believe in His Son!