My journey to Christ started when I was just 5 years old. Even though I’ve been a Christian for years, I've never experienced real peace. This was especially true when I faced difficulties in my career. In early 2013, my wife suggested we visit Gospel Light. My first Sunday Worship Service was lead by Pastor Jason Lim. 

Pastor Jason’s preaching on Jesus’ story made it more real than ever for me. He gave a reasonable and logical explanation of the life of Jesus. It enabled me to understand the physical life, spiritual teachings and unbelievable sacrifice Jesus made for us all. It enriched my comprehension of the Christian path. For the first time, I felt I really found a church that communicated the true meaning of what Jesus taught. A church of God’s people who love one another. 

A new year resolution my wife and I made was to know Christ and to show Christ more clearly in our lives. This brought everything into perspective and we wanted to move forward to be baptized. I really appreciate all Jesus has done for me and my family. His love has given me a peace and security with my decisions in life. It has also strengthened our resolve to do our best to share the joyful news of the gospel with our loved ones. 

Although I have always known, and believed, God sent his son to die for our sins, I never fully realized what a tremendous sacrifice it was. Today though I may face trials, I know God has a purpose and lesson for every struggle. God shapes & builds our character through these experiences.