Constant Prayers


Constant Prayers
Devotions with Pastor Jason Lim

The apostle Paul writes in Romans 1:9: “…without ceasing, I make mention of you always in my prayers.” He gives a double affirmation of what is a true ministry with these words ‘without ceasing’ and ‘always’. Paul’s ministry is not an absorption with himself, he is absorbed with others. We live in a world preoccupied with the self. Apple, for instance, has for years named its products the iPhone, iPad, and iMac. The “i” is intended to mean “individual". But Paul is saying it’s not about myself, it’s about you.

How would a person in a crisis feel if a Christian says to him, “I have been praying for you.” What if the Christian goes further to say, “I have been praying for you every single day.” We must be people who will care enough to pray. And praying with earnestness and constancy is the biblical model for prayer.

It is wonderful that we can pray for people. It is our privilege to bring their needs to God through prayer. As we pursue prayer in earnestness for others, we will learn how to love others. Love not in a sentimental way, but in an unconditional way that reflects Jesus own prayers in Gethsemane. People will know our love for them when it is expressed in such a concrete way. And as we pray for them, we will also grow in our love for them. 

Friends, today if you serve others with more apathy than affection if your ministry feels more like a chore than a privilege. Perhaps you have ceased praying for them frequently and fervently. Let us then learn to pray without ceasing!