I grew up in a family where my parents were ancestor worshippers. They were not strict with our beliefs and my 3 sisters embraced Christianity with no objection. I only had scant knowledge of the story of Jesus but was quite open to know more about the Gospel. On many occasions, I joined my younger sister's family when they attended church. But I often struggled to concentrate or understand the sermons. 

When I started attending Gospel Light, the clarity and life application from Pastor Jason's sermons, ignited my interest to learn more about the Bible. With the help of my 2 Christian sisters, we got together on a regular basis to discuss and learn more about Jesus. It was this series of meetings and the consistent teaching from Pastor Jason's preaching that I grew to know God better. I came to understand how much God loves me, that He sent Jesus to die for our sins so that I could be forgiven. I came to understand God gives salvation based on grace through faith alone and not on my ability to do good to please Him! 

Before, I would trust my efforts and be convinced that I didn't need a Savior. I was filled with doubts about the authenticity of the bible. But now I truly believe that Jesus alone is the only way to salvation. I am also overjoyed that my unbelieving parents have embraced the faith! I have now learned to lean on the Savior for strength to cope with many areas of inadequacies in life. I have learned to keep my temper in check and conduct myself in a manner that God may be glorified. I know that being a Christian doesn't spare me from the storms of life. But I know God can be trusted and I pray I will experience the Joy of salvation in all circumstances. Most of all I pray that my faith will be evident in my life so that my husband and children will come to know the Savior eventually.