Dao Rou


Dao Rou:

Born into a Christian family, I always thought I’d was saved since my parents are Christians themselves. Having a good foundation of Bible stories and knowledge, and being a morally good person I used to think that guaranteed heaven. I thought, surely God wouldn’t condemn an adorable and obedient child.  

However, that thought soon brought a lot of doubt and uncertainty of my faith in God. I was faced with the question of: Do I really believe in Jesus Christ or do I just know about him? Were all the stories I have heard in Sunday school just myths or is it the only truth that I ever need?

Faced with these dilemmas, I was both frustrated at myself and maybe even the devil too. Ironically, despite all that doubt and dilemmas, I remembered sitting myself down to pray the sinners’ prayer by myself at the back of the church on Sunday, surrendering my life to God at the age of 11, only as a bargain to secure a place in heaven. I thought my spiritual life was going to be great but it soon went downhill when my parents decided to leave the church at that time and we spent about a year searching for another church to settle in. My family and I decided to join Gospel Light I remember at that time, being new to an environment, but eager to join a bible study group, and address all these doubts that I had in my heart.

By God’s grace, I was approached by one of the older girls in youth whom I slowly got to know and we soon embarked on a bible study journey to dig deeper into the bible every week. Through her testimony, experiencing the authenticity of His Word and Truth for myself, and finally surrendering my life to Him, I was able to find my identity in Christ.

This was no longer a relationship with God that was borrowed on the account of my parents but one that is intimately between me and God. Understanding that by the grace and mercies of God who sent His son to die for me, I am now freed from the bondage of sin. From then on, I sought to live a life on earth that pleases God than men, laying up treasures in heaven, glorifying God in what I say and do.

Though there are many things about the future I am unsure of, I do not have to worry, because God holds the future and life is worth living because He lives.
As I continue living this life on earth, my greatest wish is to let my family and friends see and taste the same unconditional love, hope, peace, which can only be found in Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour.