When I was 15, I professed Jesus as Saviour. But despite saying the sinner’s prayer countless times and attending church regularly, I still lived in my old ways. I grew up rebellious and had a bad relationship with my father. I literally treated him as a stranger in my teens. As I grew older I stop acknowledging him as my father entirely, and my mother was caught up in the tension. I was self-centered and wanted the spotlight. Whether it was the latest phone or trend, I just wanted to look relevant to my friends. I would bully my mother and sisters into giving me what I wanted.

Although I was a regular churchgoer and attended bible studies often, I did not actually understand the gospel. If you asked me who God is, I may have answered, He is the biological father of Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit and God’s presence were ‘goose bumps’ of emotions. I also only prayed when I needed things from God. I was taught if we keep giving to God, God will recognize our sacrifice and bless us back. If God didn’t give us what we wanted, we need to keep persisting. Deep down in my heart, I knew I was a bad person, but I did good deeds from time to time, and this gave me a false assurance I was good. I built God’s character on the basis of my likings and not who He really was. I treated him like a genie and an idol to pray to. I sought legalism (good works) to secure my salvation.

It wasn’t long before I stopped attending church entirely, although in my heart I knew Jesus was real. After National Service, I did not know what to do with my life, and I took up a part-time job. I met a girl who would become my wife. She was a firm Buddhist and told me she would never go to church. And that our children would never be allowed to go, even if I someday decided to return to church.

In August 2017, God granted His grace upon both of us. My wife suddenly told me she wanted to attend church, and on the 6th of Aug two days after her birthday, she professed Christ as Savior. GLCC was the church we attended after her salvation and that was the turning point for my life. When I returned to church that day, I thanked God for saving my wife and told Him I wanted to live my life for Him.

My life started really changing, my relationship with my father turned around and now we can talk about anything. My mother was shocked by the changes! My marriage also improved drastically, although we are still learning to be humble and die to ourselves. Now I’m trying my best to be a loving brother, a loving son and a loving nephew to the rest of my family.

The story of my life-change is a gift by God’s grace alone, in the work of Christ alone, through Faith alone, all to the glory of God alone, and in the decisive authority of scripture alone. I pray that I will be able to share with people the importance of the Word of God and be able to teach and live out what God has revealed to me.