Di Si


Di Si:

I was at a crossroads in my life and started visiting temples hoping for spiritual direction. One night my sister, a Christian, saw how troubled I was and offered to pray for me. I experienced an immediate peace I never had in my life, and I chose to have a personal relationship with Jesus.

I wanted to find out more about Christ and started visiting several churches. I was introduced to mostly charismatic churches and found it hard to fit in. I couldn’t comprehend the need to speak in tongues and I struggled. At a women’s camp I was forced to speak in tongues. Everyone started speaking and I felt a tremendous amount of stress. Even though I tried my hardest, I simply couldn’t speak in tongues. I broke down crying and was told I was prideful.

My search led me to a church where I was told to come forward so the Pastor could anoint me. Being new, I was uncomfortable and the congregation was unfamiliar. Some members remarked that I was possessed for being fearful in approaching the Pastor. In many of the churches I visited, I heard the prosperity gospel preached, and found myself objecting it. Although I did my best to listen, I found the message unhelpful. But I was told that my heart was not right with God.

By God’s grace, I was led to Gospel Light in 2013 by a friend. It was the first time I experienced a church that taught the bible truthfully with no hidden agenda. I felt aligned with church’s mission and vision. For someone who was learning to comprehend the bible, the sermons allowed me to appreciate the bible richly. My prayer now is that I’ll be able to impact more lives around me for the Lord Jesus.