Club 39

Club 39

Club 39 is a Youth Club that reaches out to those in the secondary schools. A cosy and comfortable place is set up in the church, providing youths a place they can come to to know friends, to learn new skills, to simply chill out. Here they can also learn from their peers, seek advices from those older, confide and seek counsels from adults. 

Ministry Leader: Sin Yu Fei

Volunteer Roles:
- Peer Partners
- Big Brothers & Sisters
- Matured Mentors
- Games Champions
- Activities Champions

Number of Volunteers Required: 
- Peer Partners - volunteers from youths in the secondary school levels - at least 12 (2 per day Mon to Sat)
- Big Brothers / Sisters - volunteers from those in the JC and University - at least 10 (2 per weekday)
- Matured Mentor - from young people with some working experience - at least 5 (one per weekday)
                                  - from those with children about the same age - at least 5 (one per weekday)
- Games and Activities Champions - no limits. 

Time Required of Volunteer:
- Peer Partners / Big Brothers & Sisters / Matured Mentor - to commit to one day per week usually from 2pm to 6pm
- Games & Activities Champions - usually late afternoon and evening (for the duration of the game or activity)

Experience / Skills Preferred: 
- Good at making friends and developing relationship
- Love youths
- Proficiently to be able to teach skills such as music, sports, etc
- Able to organise outdoor activities like cycling, gym, sports etc
- Conduct enrichment courses like public speaking, building relationship, etc

Type of Training to be Provided: Looking for those who are already equipped and ready. 

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