We provide the equivalent of “After School Care” in a club environment. Parents register their Primary 1 – Primary 3 kids as members of the club. At the club, we will supervise the children in their homework, and conduct enrichment courses typical in the after-school care environment. 

Ministry Leader: Tan Zhen Wah

Volunteer Roles: Tutors, Enrichment Course Teachers

No. of Volunteers Required: An average of 6 volunteers is needed each day, hence a total of 30 is needed for a week on the assumption of each volunteer only commits to one day a week.

Time Required of Volunteer: 1pm to 5pm, Monday to Friday (at least one day a week)

Experience / Skills Preferred: 
- Familiar with Primary 1 to 3 school subjects and are able to provide tuition
- Able to provide art & crafts, music and sports coaching

Type of training to be provided: Volunteers should be already equipped and proficient in the respective areas