Traffic Marshal

Traffic Marshal

The Traffic Marshal Ministry aims to assist worshippers to have a safe and pleasant arrival to God’s house in an orderly manner. To ease in a smooth and safe arrival of cars to church and minimize obstruction to public traffic, to assist in the management of the available car park lots and to ease traffic flow and safety in the car park; and the safety of passengers.

Ministry Leader: Sin KC

Volunteer Roles:
- Road Marshals
- Car Park Marshals

No. of Volunteers Required: 
- Preferred: 52
- Minimum: 26

Time Required of Volunteer:
- Preferred: 2 hours fortnightly
- Min: 2 hours weekly
- Expectation of at least 3 months commitment.

Experience / Skills Preferred: 
- Willing to make sacrificial offering of labor to worship God by standing under sun and rain to serve His people
- Faithful in the service to commit at least for 3 months to serve weekly or fortnightly
- Physically well for standing and some walking for duration of about 2 hours.
- Male is preferred, able to step up and be bold to direct drivers.

Type of training to be provided:
- Safety briefing on traffic situations
- Briefing of standard instructions for marshalling on road and in car park
- Marshaling hand signals and communications