As a top athlete in the National basketball boys’ “B” Division, John Christopher’s accolades as Most Valuable Player (MVP) have been featured in TODAY and The New Paper. His experience with success and popularity at a young age may have given an outside perspective of a great life, yet he struggled with meaning and purpose. 

My life before I knew Jesus was pretty bad and was completely different from the life I lead now. I hung out with the wrong company and adopted their habits and vices. I was very particular and hung out with only people that I found likable. But their company wasn’t fulfilling and many times in my life, I would question: What happens after death?

God answered that when Jacinth, who I met through basketball, invested his life in me even before I knew of his intention. Towards the end of 2013, he asked me to attend a youth camp with him. That was when I understood what it was like to be a Christian and what was the purpose of a Christian’s life, which is to glorify God. It was in that camp that I found God and my answer. My life changed when I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Saviour.

My life has changed from being someone who doesn’t like to be around people who are harder to love, to someone who wants to share God’s love with everyone. I used to dislike being in uncomfortable social situations, but now I believe that God wants me to be in these situations so I can rely on Him. Especially in the area of basketball, where I can influence others, reach out with the gospel and impact lives. Even before becoming a Christian, I had a passion for basketball, but now as a Christian, my purpose in basketball is very clear. That purpose drives me to share the gospel and God’s love both on and off the court with people I meet and play with. I believe I can invest in people’s lives by building a relationship with them through basketball. Then I can share the true meaning of life and eventually invite them to church. I believe that my calling is to reach the local basketball community for Christ.