I was first invited to church by secondary school classmates in 2010 and professed faith. However, I did not have an accurate understanding of God’s word and I was often lost in bible studies and church service. My attendance at church was routine and never out of genuine love for God. Soon I stop prioritizing church because of my studies and stopped going entirely.

Throughout my time as a student and National service, my understanding of God was extremely poor. God was not a priority, and neither did I make any attempt to do His will. I was often swayed by sin and the things of the world. During my time in university, I went on a student exchange program to Glasgow, Scotland. I was surprised that the 3 fellow NUS students who went with me were professing Christians.

As we talked more deeply, I was moved by their sharing and testimonies. After leaving church years before I always said, “I’m a Christian but I don’t go to church.” But I began to wonder how long could I claim to be a Christian without going to church. I asked myself this question, fully aware it has been seven years since I left the church. I felt the current circumstances presented a turning point for me. I saw now only two possibilities, either I devote my life to following Jesus, or I call myself a free thinker and renounce the Christian faith. As I pondered the two options, I could not imagine a life without God and therefore made the decision to follow Jesus that night.

A few days later I attended an evening service at a nearby church, I heard a familiar worship song and I broke down. It felt like I had been ‘away’ from God for too long. As I was exposed to more genuine teachings from the preaching at that church, my heart and mind were changed. I began to really understand God’s truths.

As the semester of studies began I met another student by the name of Mark. Whenever we met, Mark never failed to share his vast knowledge of theology, doctrine and church history. When I returned to Singapore I kept in touch with him and agreed to join his Care Group. I started reading the bible and His word took root in my heart.

Since knowing the Lord, my heart and mind have been opened to the evilness of my sin, and there is now the desire to obey His laws. My prayer has also changed to one of thanksgiving and repentance instead of treating God like a genie. It is only by God’s amazing grace that I am where I am today and I am able to grow in my faith.