I learnt about our Lord Jesus Christ’s sacrificial act on the cross when I was a young child. Then, I would pray to Him whenever I faced difficulties, but I never found affinity with a church, and the knowledge I had of the bible was mostly superficial.

In retrospect, knowing Christ and not fully abiding in Him had perhaps cost me more than the occasional misstep in life. Thankfully, I have an elder sister who is like a shepherd to me, who always reminds me of the goodness of Christ.

Since receiving biblical guidance at Gospel Light, I’ve learnt the Christian life is not about sinless perfection but sincere progression. This has given me the heart to get back in regular contact with my dad, whom I had been estranged from for over fifteen years. I’ve also formed a much better relationship with my mother. I'm coming to see how we are all victims of our faithless circumstances and I no longer lament my parents for my life events. I simply want to do my part as a dutiful daughter to win them over for our Lord.

I know that I will never be perfect this side of heaven, but I pray that my heavenly Father will continue to allow me to abide in Christ. In His mercies, I know that my worthless soul can find complete healing and joy through the Holy Spirit. Only by His grace can I live a life that will shine for Jesus.