I grew up in a family of freethinkers. Although I heard Bible stories being told in ‘Christian’ schools, the gospel was not shared. I became an agnostic, believing in the presence of a higher being, but not convinced it was the God of the Bible. 

As a student, I had three simple goals. Be a good person, have a stable career and start a family. I was pretty on track until the rough years of army and university. I experienced personal setbacks, my grades suffered, my social circles dwindled and my relationship with family members deteriorated. I started to question the meaning of life and wondered why I had to experience such difficulties. I recalled that Christians I knew had a certain peace and joy and decided to explore the Christian faith. 

At a Christmas service, I was given a gospel tract. Reading the gospel tract sparked a desire to know more about Jesus. Another friend shared the gospel with me and we went through the sinner’s prayer. I started attending his church, and joined his care group and tried to live like a ‘Christian’. I thought I could please God by reading the Bible, being active in church and trying to sin less. I met with mixed success and got more discouraged when I failed. Moreover, I still had not experienced the peace and joy that drew me to Christianity. I did not know what it meant to be ‘born again’. That was part of the reason why I decided to come to Gospel Light. 

I am very thankful that in my years at Gospel Light, the gospel is preached consistently. I realized that being a Christian is not about rituals but about a relationship with Jesus. It was so liberating to find out that I did not have to strive to please God by my efforts in order to have a relationship with him! Instead, I just had to humble myself and surrender to Jesus as my Lord and Saviour. Jesus’ words ‘For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light’ has taken on a whole new meaning for me. 

I now experience confidence amidst life’s trials because I know God is in control. I realize that these circumstances may be tests from God. Having experienced the goodness of God, I find it easier to love others and hope to lead them into a relationship with Jesus too.