I once proclaimed in a grand bellow, "I shall be a member of any religion I choose, but NEVER Christianity!" In spite of this strongly held animosity towards Christianity, I decided to know Christ and God chiefly because of the life-change in my Mother's life. She went from being an uptight, hot-tempered, aggressive mother and wife, to a joyful, peace-loving individual. This transformation was stunning to me, I saw how she cared for my father as he slipped further into the unforgiving jaws of dementia and was moved by her actions. This life change must have only come from the great power of God himself.

Months have passed since I have accepted the Lord into my life. My belief in Him has brought me great insights into life's greatest mysteries and issues. The Lord has blessed my family and I wonderfully - not in material riches or superb health - but a peace and joy that we never felt before. I felt for once in my life my heart was at ease.

When I prayed - God gave me answers. It was a powerful clarity to life that I never had before. Now, God didn't always answer "Yes" to my prayers - but he always gave me the truth. I understood then the power of God was life transforming not because He gives whatever we want, but because He gives us what we need.

As I matured in my Christian walk, I saw myself being more discipline, polite, grateful and appreciative of everything that I have. Though I still struggle with sin, I'm sinning less and less with each passing day. I am grateful to God for His divine leadership in my life. I am grateful that He has led me to Gospel Light, to officially begin my walk in the Christian faith. I am grateful for His guidance in my times of need.