I came from a traditional Chinese family and had minimal knowledge of Jesus Christ until I starting dating my wife. We started joining my sister-in-law at a local megachurch. I attended church sporadically, but it was a superficial experience and I did not develop any meaningful relationship with the Lord.

Eight years ago, my daughter was born. Due to complications, she was hospitalized for 11 days at birth in the NICU (Infant Intensive Care Unit). My wife led me in prayer to commit our little girl’s healing to God. I promised then to root our family in Christ and in God’s word if God healed our daughter. Our daughter was healed, but I slackened to fulfil my promise.

My spiritual life was at a standstill. I did not experience any spiritual growth; my relationship with my wife was suffering, I was quick to anger and we quarrelled frequently to the point that our marriage was on the rocks. I was losing my direction in life and struggled to find meaning in life.

The turning point of my spiritual journey was when I started to attend Gospel Light. We were at a Good Friday service in 2017 where Pastor Paul Choo was preaching and I was won over by the authoritative way in which he spoke about Christ. Pastor Jason’s sermons triggered my interest to find out more about Christ. I picked up the bible and started reading. I found myself agreeing with many truths in the bible.

Since learning about Christ, my family life has changed. I have found peace, knowing that there is more to life, than a dogmatic pursuit of personal gain. I live life with more purpose and joy now. It is my desire to anchor my life based on the truths in the bible. I hope that by taking these steps of obedience to follow God’s will, I can greater commit to a life that is more like Jesus. I want to take the lead to bring my family and friends to this wonderful knowledge of our Saviour.