My journey with God began when I was 8 years old. I came to know about the Christian God through my tutor. Though I accepted God then, Christianity was nothing more than a religion to me.

I had a lonely childhood. I did not experience love from my family. Often, I battled with feelings of betrayal, injustice, anger, and sadness. I had to put on a brave front as an act of defense. In early adulthood, I dabbled in many things and thought life was good then. That was when my life spiraled downwards.

At 25, I started to fall sick. Doctors could not find the cause of this illness and blamed it on stress. During those long years, God proved Himself so faithful. He provided me with a boyfriend (now my husband) who stood by me since the day I fell sick, as well as the finances and wisdom to seek medical help. Despite doctors' diagnosing that I was unable to conceive, God blest me with two amazing boys!

Devastation hit my family and I when at 36, I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. My world was filled with darkness. I told my husband on many occasions that I was not sure if I could get through it. I welcomed the thought of death as a means to release the anguish in my heart as well as the physical pain in my body.
Shaken by the speed with which the cancer was spreading in my body, I had to undergo 5 surgeries within 6 months. My last major surgery was lung operation. The amazing part of those 6 months was that God ensured every cancer cell was removed from my body. 

The hospital became my second home. During my time in the hospital, God sent Anna, a work acquaintance, to visit me. God sent her to comfort me and to hear my sorrows. Anna prayed with me and through her life, I experienced God's love. That was my turning point. I began to read the Bible and meditate on God's word. God pulled me through this time in the valley, enabling me to let go of the pain, anger, and hatred in my heart, slowly replacing it with His love and His Word. Christianity was no longer a religion but it became a personal relationship.

In the days ahead, whether in sickness or in health, I will trust in my God who is always with me. Only God can make miracles in my life. May God help me live for His glory.