Kum Sung


Kum Sung:

My journey to faith started off with my encounter with Gospel Light Christian Church when they first brought rations to my home in 2014. Back then, I had already been suffering from ALS for a while, and it was a rather dark period for me.

 The volunteers, whom I now call my brothers and sisters, demonstrated much love and care towards me, and that was how I first experienced God’s love. In 2015, one of the volunteers shared the gospel with me and gave me a Bible. Sometime later in the year, the volunteers brought me to church, and I started attending the Chinese service. They would encourage me every week in church to read the Bible.

 Over this time, through the regular reading of the Bible and attending the Chinese service, the reality of God became more and more apparent to me. I started to know the Lord then, even though my understanding was not profound. But what amazed me was how I learnt to pray whenever I was faced with issues at home. I felt guided by the Spirit as a result, who led me to realise that what was most important was to believe in faith. I thought of the Lord Jesus, who in the Bible said that God is there looking after us and will help us in our trials if only we believed and prayed. 

 Eventually, in early 2016, I came to believe in Jesus Christ as my Saviour. From then on, I held on to what Jesus said, that His precious blood washes away our sins. Even though we may be burdened with our sins, only Jesus’ blood can blot out all sins. That is why I believe that we can be born again. Even when I face problems, I still trust that if Jesus can return from the dead, we can also be born again from our sins.

 God has been good to me, and many times when I run into issues and problems, He has led and guided me through. With my condition, life can be very difficult, as it is just like waiting to die. However, when I feel really helpless and when I don’t know what to do, I remember the words of Jesus in Matthew 9:9-13. 

He said that it is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. He has come not to call the righteous, but the sinners. I know that Jesus will sit at the same table with me, He will never look down on me, and He will use His divine power to strengthen me.