Brother Luzerne Cheng was confirmed as our full time staff recently. He will be holding the appointment of Young Adults Ministry Asst Leader. We asked him some questions about his call to serve full-time.

1) Why did you choose to serve in a full time capacity?

It has been a calling that the Lord has had on my life for quite some time, that has grown and intensified throughout the different stages of life. Others around me have consistently re-affirmed this calling. At a young age I served together with Yu Fei in Youth ministry for 8 years and this really opened up my eyes to the ministry of the local church.

Navigating through the education phase was a little confusing. Although I found great joy learning about the Human Resource field, there was still a greater desire for his people in the church. In my army and university phases, God used different events and people to grow a desire for those outside his kingdom and an increasing desire to serve them.

2) What were the major obstacles you faced before choosing this vocation?

I have been extremely blessed to have the most supportive wife, family and in-laws. While most people would face objection from this group of people, I have just been blessed with a family that has supported and encouraged this decision from the very beginning.

The biggest obstacle that I faced was personal uncertainty, this is not a vocation that my peers were dying to have or something that they could even understand. When sharing my aspirations to be a full-time staff in church, I was met with nervous smiles and awkward silences. Many times I just felt like I was so different from everyone else around me, and this made me second guess myself!

But looking back, in every season of uncertainty, God always had in place wise older men to point me back in the right direction!

3) What would you say to others considering full-time ministry?

Keep praying! And come and join the apprenticeship and internship program, it gave me a good taste of what full-time ministry would be like and the confidence to step into it!