If someone asked me the exact date I was saved, I wouldn't have an answer. I was raised in a Christian home and since young going to church was just a routine. Our family's attendance at church was not regular and even in a service, I would doze off without the slightest bit of interest in the sermon. One day my sister introduced the family to Gospel Light. Although I became more regular, my heart and mind were not in church. I took it for granted that I was a Christian, and my acceptance of the gospel was with little understanding. My concept of sin was poor, I treated it lightly. I believed I was a Christian because of the many years spent in Church. This mindset lasted a long time, even when I was 'serving' in a Christmas musical or in youth worship, I did not have a heart of service.

When I entered University, I met a girl and wanted to try dating. I understood that a Christian could not be unequally paired with an unbeliever, so I encouraged her to become a Christian. But I was really being legalistic, thinking that I was a Christian. But she was open to attending church with me. As our relationship grew, she was the one that pointed out we were not growing as Christians. She was asking more questions about Christianity and I could not give satisfactory answers. Finally, she initiated a chat with Pastor Jason for us to clarify our doubts. It was then Pastor Jason raised a question that had a huge impact on my life, although not immediately. Alluding to the fruit of being a true Christian, he simply asked, "do you see any life change?"

With encouragement from Pastor Jason, my girlfriend and I joined a CG. Two years of ups and downs, periods of renewal and sliding back into sin would follow. But over those two years of struggling, I began to understand the true heart issue. I have come to realize how precious the Gospel is, a truly precious gift. I now love God, wholeheartedly and believe in His sovereignty. I am grateful for the mercy he has poured out on us. I now seem my sin as detestable, I see the values of the world are not worth pursuing. I see the call to give the good news to as many people as possible. It has been many painstaking years for my heart to be right with God, but now I desire that all things I do or say will be to His glory.