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Worship can mean different things to different people. The bible did not give us a 'one size fits all' definition of worship, which can lead to disagreements between believers on what worship should be. The bible does however give us great principles for worship that allow us to grasp the essence of what worship really is about.

A 4-week series as we discover principles by looking at: 1) What is worship 2) Why we worship 3)How we worship as individuals 4) How we worship as a congregation. We hope this would serve as a foundation to worship God with the freedom and truth as revealed in scripture.

Missional Living


Missional Living

Missional Living

The mission of God is given not only to pastors or church leaders or "gifted" Christians, it is given to EVERY believer in Christ Jesus! God wants to use us to be His ambassadors wherever we work, play and live.  A 4-week series learn about developing a missional mindset and building a toolset for missional living.

Teach Us to Pray

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A Passion for Prayer

Teach Us to Pray

That's what the disciples asked Jesus 2000 years ago. A true follower of Jesus Christ wants to pray, and he wants to pray correctly. Join us for a 4 part series on "Teach Us to Pray" so that you may pray correctly according to Jesus. Learn why you should pray, who you are to pray to, and what you are to pray for. I believe these truths will ignite a faith-filled desire and delight in prayer, for God's glory.

A Passion for Prayer


A Passion for Prayer

A Passion for Prayer

A 4 part series as we uncover the theology of prayer together, where we uncover what God has taught us about prayer in His Word, because a right understanding of God will be played out in a right living out of our faith! As we attempt to bridge the gap in our understanding of prayer, may our prayer lives be forever changed!


How To Do A Bible Study

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How to Share the Good News!

How to do a Bible Study

Conducting consistent bible studies is the best way to help people to know God. It is also the best way to help a seeker understand the gospel. Join us as Pastor Jason shares the principles and practices of planning and conducting effective studies in our  4 part series.



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Forgiving is not difficult. Forgiving is impossible. We struggle with forgiveness because we think forgiving helps those who hurt us. Our spiritual poverty makes us unable to accept the wrong done to us. In this 4 Part CEP series, we’ll examine why forgiveness requires supernatural grace. Because Jesus alone can restore and heal what was taken from us, when we let it go.


How to Share The Good News!

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How to Share the Good News!

How to Share The Good News!

God has called us to advance the gospel for His glory. But many struggle with either a fear of rejection or fear of failure or simply don’t know how to start a conversation about the gospel. This new 4-part series, Pastor Jason will bring practical equipping to make us effective for soul-winning.


Blueprint (Finding God’s Will)

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God wants to guide us by making us wise! This is so that we don’t need to make decisions that depend on extraordinary events, or hunting down elusive answers as we surrender our decisions to Him and align it with His word.  Blueprint “Finding’s God will” - find out how we can be the anxiety and regret-free decision-makers that God wants us to be.

Speaker: Pastor Seethor Chee Keen

Following Jesus



"Following Jesus" covers the often neglected but very important truths of the Christian life.  Join Pastor Jason as he teaches us in discovering the “secrets” of the Christian life!

Speaker: Pastor Jason Lim




Our inability to use Scriptural principles prevents us from unlocking the treasures of a married life – forming relationships, parenting and being a testimony for the Lord. One of the goals of the marriage series is to rekindle and grow in our love for our spouses and eventually share unforgettable memories until the last parting. Join us and learn how to build a deep and meaningful relationship anchored in Christ.

Speakers: Elder Thomas and/or Guests Speakers


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What is the purpose of parenthood? To raise children that will excel in studies or sports? To equip them to find good jobs and earn a good living? Does God have a purpose in creating the family? Why are some children obedient while some are not? Is it down to personality or can obedience be trained? What about spanking? Does the Bible condone spanking? Come join us to explore these topics and many more on parenthood.

Speakers: Elder Jeffrey and/or Guests Speakers

Biblical Manhood and Womanhood

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What does the Bible has to say about gender and sexuality? Are there specific roles for men and women? What are the implications of the use of technology on and by human beings? Is the Gospel relevant to the gender debate? This class seeks to explore biblically developed answers in as they affect how we look at singleness, marriage, reproduction, family and parenting.

Speakers: Brother Shu Chen and Sister Hwee Chuang




Do you know that evangelism explains the truth of the Gospel, while apologetic defends the truthfulness of the gospel? God has commanded all Christians to do both. You can find out more as we start off the new series on the "Introduction to Christian Apologetics".

Speakers: Brothers Simon Lim and Choo Liang

Christians in The Market Place



Our jobs occupy 50% of our waking hours. More often than not, our identity and sense of purpose are deeply woven into our work.  The Bible has much to say about our work.  Our work matters to God.  Come and find out about how to approach the problems we face at work, how to manage relationships, how to achieve balance, how to find the right job etc.  It is our hope and belief that you can experience Victory in Jesus, at work.

Speaker: Elder Fred Chew

How to Study the Bible


The Bible is God's amazing revelation of His will for our lives and our source of truth. Learn how to be a diligent student of the word, as we interpret the Bible as instructed by the bible. 

Speaker: Pastor Chee Keen