The Beautiful Book – Deuteronomy


As a new generation of Israelites prepare to seize the Promised Land, Moses reminds them of their Past journey, Present responsibility to live by God’s Law, and expectant Future. It was important to the Israelites in safeguarding themselves from immorality and temptation. Ultimately, God’s Law is borne of love, designed to save man and help him lead a life that glorifies God.


In this part of Deuteronomy, we examine the future rewards and retributions as instructed by Moses: rewards, if the Israelites obeyed the regulations given to them, and retribution, if they chose to disobey them. We also see the last days of Moses’ life as he delivered his last speech and blessing to the Israelites, reiterating this in a song for Israel to pass down. As Joshua is set to succeed Moses’ leadership, Moses dies in with faith in God, despite not being able to enter the Promised Land.



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