The Beautiful Book – Leviticus

An Introduction To This Series

We look at the context in which Leviticus was written: Man has difficulty in approaching God and various laws were set for him to obey; the principle is that there is far more sin around us than we realize. Jesus’ expensive sacrifice was such that we can approach God’s throne and discernment of sin through the Holy Spirit.

An Introduction To This Series

The symbolism of burnt offerings is explored. Through the five offerings we learn that it applies to us as well; consecrating our lives to God, serving in purity, fellowshipping with Him, confessing our sins and making amends.

An Introduction To This Series

The Jewish feast days were a time for Jews to gather and thank God for His providence. The seven Jewish feasts reflect what Christ has done and what He will do at the second coming.

An Introduction To This Series

This part describes in detail the layout and symbolism of the Tabernacle: Getting saved brings us to the outer courts, but we enter the glorious Tabernacle as we draw closer to God. There is a lot of significance in the Tabernacle in light of the fulfilment of Christ as the sacrificial offering.

An Introduction To This Series

We conclude from Leviticus what God expects from His presence: bringing offerings and bearing in mind His past and future deeds. God blesses obedience while disobedience brings suffering.



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