I grew up in a non-Christian home and never wondered if God existed. I was a rebellious child and had problems with petty theft. I would steal from my family and others and I lied profusely to conceal it. The problem was that I was deeply materialistic and I wanted to satisfy myself with things. Over the years my parents tried countless ways to correct me, through tough discipline and counselling. But it all seemed hopeless. I was incorrigible.

Out of desperation, my family started attending a church, hoping it could help my behavioural issues. Although my parents became believers in the process, it was only routine to me.  I would go, listen and come home ignoring everything that was said. When I learnt about the ten commandments (stealing, lying were sins), it only made me reject God even more. As this meant becoming a Christian would deny me the life I wanted.

In 2018, I started attending Youth services at Gospel Light. I saw the passion the youth had for God and it really made me examine my purpose in life. My curiosity for God grew and I started to listen sincerely during church services, asking my Dad and my Care Group leaders many questions. I realized the depth of my sinfulness and the hopeless state I was in apart from Jesus. Although I genuinely accepted Jesus as my personal Saviour, I found myself drifting very soon after and my spiritual life was again at a standstill.

When Covid-19 hit, I faced many obstacles in life. I was distracted by many things in the world and this resulted in me doing poorly in school. I felt empty and hopeless, having failed many subjects. I sought God again out of desperation and hoped that He would show me my life’s purpose. To my surprise, it was during this time of helplessness and trials that God really started transforming me.

My greed for the things of the world started to disappear entirely. It has become more of a joy to obey my parents. I struggled better with temptations too because I depend on the Holy Spirit’s power. With the guidance of my spiritual leaders in the Youth Ministry, my desire for God grew. My life is now full of hope and I know I can trust God’s plans in everything. I really thank God for changing me completely to a new person and never giving up on me. All glory goes to Him.