Pei Shan


Pei Shan:

I used to believe life was whatever I made out of it. How good or bad things turned out were a result of my efforts and decision alone. I was guided by morals loosely based on my traditional religious teachings. So I believed I could settle my debt of sins with a good life and by making religious offerings. Although I was exposed to the person of Jesus when I was 12 while working in a bookstore and later in school. I was put off by a church service I attended and gave the faith no further thought.

2 years ago, a friend persuaded me to attend church. I began to consider exploring Christianity seriously, but hesitated, expecting some sign or calling from God. The turning point was when reading the Bible, I read about Ruth. Ruth accepted a new faith in order to care for her mother-in-law. I realized that knowing God is a journey and it begins with having Christ in the center of my life. 

The first things I  noticed was that a Bible suddenly began to make more sense to me. I could never really understand it before.  Then the assurance of knowing there is a Heavenly Father in my life, freed me from my struggle with loneliness. I now experience peace when pouring out my cares before Him. I know I can trust Him to give me His best.

Knowing how much Jesus suffered in order to pay for my sins moved me to follow Him and obey Him. Although this means I struggle more today being more aware of the need to follow His teachings. But I know He provides the strength to persevere and I see this through constant prayer. I hope for my life to be an example to others, so they too may seek to know Christ.