Private Funding

As a church, we support the community around us through several outreach ministries. Some of you do this via tuition, home cleaning and delivering food personally.  From time to time, Gospeliters may come to know about financial needs within the church body and feel led to support these needs on a private group basis. If and when the group has determined that there is legitimacy to support these needs, the Church Committee would advise the group to practice prudence and care in such support, in your private capacity.  If you plan to do so, here’s some advice for church members:


–  Set up fund objectives clearly (define and communicate with group the aim of the support)

– Communicate with prior notice and consulting with members when funding objectives have differed from main objectives

– Seek agreement with members about expectations on how you share information on expenses and flow of funds (eg. should everyone agree on how the funds are used or certain  members of  group can make decisions on behalf of the group)

– Ensure there are proper documentation of expenses incurred by receiving parties  (Consider communicating to receivers of the fund that the group requires receipts of expenses  incurred)

– Employees of Gospel Light must not be involved in leading any private fund raising even if this person might be supporting the cause in a church member’s capacity.


If you are participating in any private fund raising effort, please ensure that you are comfortable with arrangements set up by the initiator of such effort before providing the necessary fund.  The church does not have oversight over private fund raising.  As such, the church is not in a position to resolve any issues or disputes arising from the use of such funds.

Please note that the church has a Mercy Fund scheme which has provided support to members of GLCC through the years and this is managed by the Deacons of the church.

Our overall mission is to bring the Gospel to the community around us and let’s continue to put the Gospel mission at the front of all our work in the community.

If you are unclear or uncomfortable with any fund-raising request that comes to your attention, please speak to your CG leaders, Deacons or Elders of the church.