Purpose In Pain


Purpose In Pain
Devotions with Pastor Jason Lim

The Apostle Paul could be called a magnet for pain. Look at his sufferings and trials, it was unbelievable! In all his missionary journeys he experienced everything imaginable: from being flogged, stoned, shipwrecked, to being imprisoned many times over. Yet Paul says 'I believe, I know, that all things do work together for good, even my pain.' When Paul said "all things", he included the sufferings and struggles of life. He understood that God's purpose is to synergise the good and bad, ultimately for our good and His glory.

God doesn't want us to deny our pain or ignore the fact that we live in a fallen world. He doesn't expect us to live in pretense as if nothing bad will ever befall us. The Bible reminds us that not all things are good. In spite of this, the good and the bad work together for God's purposes.

Has it ever occurred to you that to produce a life-saving medicine requires the synergy of many ingredients? Some are harmless but many are harmful individually. But together, this fusion produces medicine that is good for someone's health. Even in everyday ordinary table salt, you see the combination of two poisons - sodium and chlorine. Try drinking pure chlorine and its lethal effects are immediate. But sodium chloride is the fusion that ultimately produces an everyday ingredient that is good.

Like Apostle Paul, we need not despair and weep hopelessly in the face of pain and struggles. But if we can recognize the sovereign and perfect purposes of God behind all things, our perspective changes. We can see how God can use these pains and struggles of life to mould and shape us, towards deeper prayer, and a deeper longing for the hope of glory. Take heart, my friends, that ultimately God's purposes are for our good and His glory.