11 Dec 2022

Cultivating Our Reverence To God [Psalms 50:1-23]


According to recent survey, less than 50% of millennials and Gen Z in the US are attending Church weekly. Is this one of the signs that belief, even reverence, unto God has waned?  This trend might impact us here in Singapore sooner or later. How does this concern us? to you as a Christian parent? as a Christian teen or youth? How could we ensure that we would achieve the mission at GLCC? Is your desire to grow deeper in your reverence unto God? In what ways could we cultivate our reverence unto God. ? We ave no easy answers. But, the problem of lack of reverence isn’t new. The scriptures is replete with stories in the past, written for our instructions and to give us hope, like Psa 50:1-23. Asaph, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, wrote this psalm to express God’s indictment to His covenant people the Jews for our learning. God revealed Himself in three ways. First, His Authority. God exerted His authority as the God[Elohim]. What’s the significance why Asaph expressed God as ‘Mighty One, God the Lord’ [vs. 1]?  How did Asaph picture God? Why did God exert His authority? Secondly, His Accusations. There were two, namely; their dead ritualism[v. 8-13] and double standard living[v16-21].  God commended their faithfulness in offering sacrifices[v. 8]. What was wrong? [see v9-13] In what ways that cause a person to think that God is indebted to him?  Among them, there is another group God called them wicked. [v16], Why they were wicked? [v. 16-17]. What were the sins exposed by God that they did? [v. 18-20]. What is the underlying reason? [v. 21,22] How would you describe a Christian  who knows a lot of scriptures and continues to live a sinful lifestyle because God is not disciplining him but even has been blessing his work and life with abundance of material blessings? Thirdly, His Appeal. God’s judgment was not final. Since God initiated to reach out to them, how could we describe God? [ see v 2] What did God want them to do? [see  v14-15 and 23]. Since God has no aversion with the offering of animal sacrifices, how are they going to do it continually that God would be pleased?  We should be thankful today because of Christ, the complete sacrifice for our sins [the gospel]. How are we going to express our awe and reverence to God because of the gospel today? What is the correlation between obeying God’s law and performing their vows unto God? [see v 14]  What is the implication about God’s appeal for them to call unto Him in times of trouble? [v. 15] What troubles you the most – lack of relationship with God or losing you wealth, even health? Why? We shouldn’t allow our hearts to loss our awe and wonder to the gospel. What God has done in Christ should cause us to offer our thanksgiving expressed in our involvement to the church ministries and faithfulness in doing our spiritual disciplines. Thus, we we’ll live to our slogan, that is, ‘drink in, live out and give out the gospel’