19 Nov 2023

Farewell Colossians! [Colossians 4:7-18]


The final greetings of Paul teach us about. 1. Gospel Partnership. Paul appreciated and needed fellow workers in the gospel ministry. He did not think that "solo practice" is the best way to see the gospel advance. God's people should therefore also realise the importance of gospel partnership. As some will say, "Teamwork makes the dream work. " TEAM means Together Everyone Achieves More. Let us have gospel partnerships in our ministries, care groups, local church and in our city (& beyond)! 2. Gospel Partners. Paul probably wrote these names down as an endorsement of their lives and ministry. This is to contrast with the false teachers lurking in Colossae. Because of this, we also get to learn a few things about the partners. a. Quality- their one key characteristic is that they were faithful. b. Equality- there is no class divide. They were on the same team regardless of race, socio-economic status, or gender. c. Diversity- they served according to their differing commitments and strengths. God gave them different roles. 3. Gospel Priority. Paul could have written at length about himself in the letter. But he didn't. His priority was the Colossians and their spiritual well-being. His focus was on the supremacy and sufficiency of Jesus in their lives. And that's what he wrote at length about- for their encouragement, their edification, and his endorsement. We began this book with the words "grace to you". We end with "grace be with you. " As we learn and obey the truths in Colossians, may God's grace stay with you through your life! Check out more in the sermon here.