07 May 2023

Final Words On Paul’s Apostolic Authority [2 Corinthians 12:11-19]


It's time to wrap up. Paul now concludes his defence of his apostolic authority. And he does so by repeating the themes of. 1. The Signs of an Apostle. Paul reminds us that the true Apostle is identified by signs. Besides earlier mentioned signs like changed lives through his ministry, endurance through sufferings, godly character, love, truthful speech and so on, he also mentions signs, wonder and mighty works.  2. The Sacrifice of an Apostle. The true Apostle is not looking to grab from people, but to give to people. He is willing to spend and to be spent for them. He is like a parent, looking only to lay up for his children.  3. The Single-mindedness of an Apostle. Paul's defence was never for his own reputation per se. It was for people to be built up in the faith. His goal is that they will continue to grow in holiness.