22 Dec 2019

I Lack A Gift [James 1:5-7]


This is a special time of remembrance as we recall God’s love when He gave His only Son to us, in fulfillment of His promise in Genesis 3:15. May we present a birthday gift to the Lord as a token of our gratefulness and appreciation of His love. What is a meaningful and precious gift to God; the Lord of lords and the King of kings – One who has everything, needing nothing. James 1:5 brings to a realization that there are things that we can give to the Lord. It would please Him when we each come before Him and acknowledge our lack, not only wisdom, but also other areas in our life. The world teaches us to be confident, to act like an expert and talk like one who knows much. James 1:5 seems to bring us to the other end of the spectrum. Do we have to admit that we lack before God? What about towards our leaders, teachers, our parents and friends. Wouldn’t this put us in a position of vulnerability when we want to be someone of significance? Follow the sermon and let the Lord speak into our hearts….


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