18 Apr 2017

Easter Message : It’s For Real


Sermon Transcript

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Well this morning, let me go straight again into the sermon and I begin with an illustration. I begin with one of the favourite drinks for many of us here in Singapore and that is Ribena. Not too long ago, I heard that Ribena will have a new flavor, there's a new flavor for this drink. I thought what would it be and I saw on social media, on the advertisements and so on, this flavor I was a little bit shocked.

I, I, I like Ribena, alright, I like Ribena and I also happen to love durians, but I think durians and Ribena together just doesn't work. So when I saw this, I said wow, this is a disaster. How could you ever blend these two fruits together and have a tasty drink, it's going to turn people off, until I realize that this advertisement, this picture was put up on, on the first of April and that is April Fools' Day, they meant it as a, it's a joke, it was never real.

But you know I, I, it sets me thinking there are many things in life that you can't really know whether it's for real or is it for jokes or is it a fake. My kids, they sometimes go on YouTube and they go on this channel called Bill's channel and what is Bill's channel all about, it's all about real versus fake. For example, they will show you pictures like this and the presenter in this channel will ask you, is this a real fish or is it a fake one? Is it really that big, real or false? And then they will ask you, is this monstrosity of a fish, real or false? Or how about this giant stingray, is it real or fake? Or maybe even this giant bat, is it real or fake? Very hard to tell sometimes, isn't it?

And not too long ago, I read about this picture, an amazing picture, a picture of an impala, it's a deer like creature that was literally going to be gnawed at or chomped at by cheetahs. And so this picture came along with this story, that says that this impala looked emotionless and really motionless because she was sacrificing herself to the jaws of the cheetah, so that her young ones may go off unhurt. The story goes on to say that the photographer who captured this moment was so affected by the picture that he or she went or sank into depression after that.

And I thought this is such an amazing picture of sacrifice and my wife was going to prepare a Sunday school lesson, I said, hey you must remember this one, tell them about how, how love is and what sacrifice until a little while later, I read that this was a fake story. The deer or the impala was just too stunned and she was going to be eaten up and it was really a mother cheetah teaching the younger cheetah how to hunt and how to feast. It's a fake story.

So today we are surrounded by fake news isn't it? In fact I read that our law minister K Shanmugam, had actually had to speak in Parliament about fake news. So in the world of social media, in, in the world we live in, there are lots of things that we hear, we are not even sure whether we can believe it or not. So naturally you have doubt when you hear something quite outrageous, you have some skepticism with regards to it and I think that's proper. We, we should not be overly trusting, we should not be gullible, we should assess if things are really what it should be. So we live in a world where people tell you, this is true, but the person telling you, is a Pinocchio. Pinocchio is a symbol, emblem of someone who lies, every time he lies, his nose gets longer. So people tell you, this is true, but I'm not sure if I can believe you and I think it's true also with Christianity.

Maybe some of you are here with us for the first time, you've never been to church or people have been telling you about the Bible, but back in your mind you say, "are you sure?" In Hokkien, we say, "zhun bo, is it really like that? I mean are you sure this is the Word of God? Are you sure everything the Bible says is to be believed? You tell me this is true, but I'm not sure I can believe you, you might be a Pinocchio." Especially, when it is about what Jesus Himself said, when Jesus was on earth, in the three years of public ministry, He said many things, He spoke a lot, a lot of it is recorded for us today if you have a Bible and your Bible has a red letter edition, you see all the red words, they are all the words of Jesus. And He spoke a lot, and He spoke a lot about big things, He had big claims, huge claims, He said that He is the Son of God. He says He is God, He is equal with God. He says that He can forgive men of all their sins. He said He's the Savior of the world, He said that He is King, I mean these are outrageous claims for anyone of us to make. So when you read the Bible and you read the claims of Jesus, you may ask, "zhun bo? Is He for real? Can I really believe Jesus for who He says He is?"


And it became even more difficult when you read that Jesus subsequently was hauled up by the Roman soldiers, tied up, beaten up, spat upon, mocked at, punched, whipped and scourged, left for dead as it were, He looked like a total mess. He was pathetic and then, He was silent when the people nailed Him to the cross. As was preached on Friday, He was more disfigured than any man. He was just shredded like a piece of meat on the cross and He couldn't, He didn't say anything to defend Himself. He's a sad picture on the cross. He's a picture of failure, of defeat and I'm pretty sure, as people look at this, so called Son of God, this Man who says He, He is the King of the Jews, He will save men of their sins, everyone, many of them will be shaking their heads and say, "what a liar, what a cheat. He's not real because if He is really the Savior, He wouldn't end up like this."

Now you can understand, the crowds thinking like this, but can you also picture what would go through the minds of those who followed Him for the past three years. They are the disciples, the followers of Christ, to be exact there were 12 of them one of them betrayed Him, so left 11 of them. What would run through the minds of the 11 disciples who, who lived with Him, slept with Him, ate with Him, traveled with Him. And if you look at this, this Master whom they followed and they say, "what's going on?"

I think they will all be depressed, confused, heartbroken, shattered. And I think the Bible also tells us they were fearful. The disciples in John 20, they were fearful, they were fearful of the Jews. Why, because they knew that if they could do this to their Master, it will not be long before they will come and do this to them. We would end up like Jesus, we would be crucified, that would be terrible and so this was, this was a extremely complicated and difficult time for the disciples.

They have wasted their lives for three years. They've followed the wrong man, maybe they've, that's what they're thinking and we are going to die soon, we are in trouble, so they locked the doors. This is on Sunday, the first day of the week, the Jews look at it like this, the first day is Sunday.


You say what is going to help these disciples, what can we do to help these disciples, nothing, unless Jesus rises again. And you know that's exactly what happens in John 20 verse 19 when it says "Jesus came and stood among them." Don't ask me how He stood among them, it's said that maybe in the resurrection, the body is of such a composition that it can pass through matter, walls and so on. The Bible tells us, He stood among them and said to them, "Peace be with you." He had a word of comfort for them. He didn't scold them, it was very understandable that they will be in such a fearful, confused, depressed state, He came with a word of assurance, "peace be with you." And when He said this, He showed them His hands and His side, side that was pierced, hands that were nailed, the scars were still there, but He's saying, I am not a ghost, I'm not a specter, I'm risen, I am alive, touch Me, see my hands and my side.

Then the disciples were glad when they saw the Lord, it now suddenly came to them. He was not defeated on the cross, it's exactly what Jesus Himself has said, He said that He will suffer and then rise again. Oh, it makes sense now and when all these things come to realization, they rejoiced, they were glad, they rejoiced that their Savior is alive. But you know, in every group there is always a party pooper right, someone who will just spoils the fun, someone who is just always playing the negative side and and that man is Thomas, you will know about him. We call him doubting Thomas because this is why, verse 24, "Now Thomas, one of the Twelve, called the twin, was not with them when Jesus came." Somehow he's out and he couldn't witness Christ and the other disciples upon his return told him, "hey, we have seen the Lord, Jesus was here." And Thomas then said to them, "nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, I'm not going to believe you, you might be a Pinocchio, you're just trying to make me feel good." "Unless I see His hands, the mark of the nails and place my finger into the marks of the nails and place my hand into His side, I will never believe." (John 20:25) Doubting Thomas, he's the skeptic of skeptics, he is by nature a little bit more skeptical, pessimistic if you may.

He says I'll never believe and very quickly in verse 26, eight days later, eight days later is actually one week later, the Jews count part of the day as a full-day, so when you say Jesus was crucified on Friday and He rose 3 days later, maybe for us today, it might be a Monday but actually for a Jew, Friday is the first day, Saturday is the second day, Sunday is the third day, so eight days later is again on a Sunday.

Sunday, one week later, His disciples were inside again and now Thomas is with them. He didn't skip church this time, alright, he was with them as it were. And "although the doors were locked, Jesus came and stood among them and said," the same things, "Peace be with you." (John 20:26) And then He said to the particular skeptic, the one who says I will never believe. Jesus knew it and said to Thomas, I know what you're thinking Thomas. "Put your finger here and see my hands; put out your hand and place it in my side. Do not disbelieve, but believe." (John 20:27)

There is a famous painting by Caravaggio, it looks like this, it's about doubting Thomas and putting his hand to the side of Jesus. I do not know if Thomas really felt Jesus, the Bible didn't tell us, the Bible only says Jesus told him to do it, but whether he did it we do not know. But the response of Thomas to what Jesus said is clear, it was one of amazement, of realization, of belief, because Thomas said, "My Lord and my God!" (John 20:28). Even to the hardest of skeptics, the resurrection of Jesus Christ, settled the issue for Thomas.

He might be surrounded with pessimism and doubt. Oh, look at Jesus, He's such a, He's such a failure, He's a, He is a sad story, but now when he sees the resurrected Christ, he says, You are who You say You are, You are my Lord and my God, indeed You are the Savior, indeed You are the King. And it all came true for Thomas.


You know the resurrection of Jesus Christ is the most convincing evidence that Jesus is who He says He is. He says He is the Son of God, He says He's equal with God. He says , He can forgive men of their sins, He says He can save us and be our King. How are you to know that, because He died and rose again the third day. That's what Jesus Himself said before He died, He says, "An evil and adulterous generation seeks for a sign, but no sign will be given to it except the sign of the prophet Jonah." (Mat 12:39)

You say what is the prophet Jonah, well he's someone who happened to be in a fish belly for three days. I think most of us would think will be dark, dead by then. But "as Jonah was three days and three nights in the belly of the great fish, so will the Son of Man be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth." (Mat 12:40) referring to the death of Christ. Three days, that's all, not forever because He will rise again.

So the resurrection, is the ultimate evidence, ultimate proof that Jesus is who He says He is. This is so important that the disciples of Jesus, the Apostles will record it diligently and say that Jesus appeared not only to Thomas, not only to the 12, but He appeared to many more, more than five hundred brothers at one time, James, Apostles and also to me.

So this proof, this ultimate evidence, Jesus is the Christ, the Savior, the Messiah is not just given to a few, but it's popular, common knowledge. He rose and appeared to many people. Many people saw Him. He's for real and this is the message that the Apostles would preach, with great power, the Apostles were giving their testimony to the resurrection of the Lord Jesus.

You say, what did the early church focus on? Today, churches talk a lot about healing, feeling good, so on and so forth. But in those days, the main message of the Apostles, the church, the leaders, was that Christ is risen, He is the Messiah, we nailed Him, we crucified Him, we thought we have killed Him, indeed, we killed Him. But He was not defeated by death, He conquered death, He conquered sin, He conquered hell, He is the Savior.


So this is the main message of the early church, Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, the four writers of the Gospel, they all recorded the resurrection, because this is the foundation of the Christian faith. Paul says, "And if Christ has not been raised, then our preaching is in vain and your faith is in vain." (1 Cor 15:14) If there is no resurrection Sunday, there will be no need for church, there'll be no need for preaching the Bible, there will be no need for anyone to believe and to live our lives, to honor Christ because He's not for real, He's a Pinocchio, He's a fake. But think about it, if He is risen, then our preaching is not in vain, then your life, your faith in Christ is not in vain.

And so the disciples, the Apostles, seeing the resurrection of Christ, risked their lives and gave their lives to the preaching of the Gospel of Christ. They are fulfilling what Jesus had sent them to do. When Jesus appeared to them, He gave them a mission. He gave them a task. He said, I am sending you, just as My Father has sent Me into the world, I am sending you into the world to tell them I am risen. And the Apostles, when they realized Jesus is alive, gave themselves to it.

The Bible tells us how they, how they did it. They were called in by the religious leaders, they were beaten up, they were charged, strongly told, not to speak in the name of Jesus and then they were let go. And maybe if you and I were to be in the same shoes, you may said yah, I think let's not court trouble anymore. But not for the Apostles, they have seen the Lord they know Jesus is for real. And so when "they left the presence of the council they rejoiced that they were counted worthy to suffer dishonor for the Name. And every day in the temple and from house to house, they did not cease teaching and preaching Jesus as the Christ." (Acts 5:41,42) Such was the fearlessness of the Apostles.


Tradition tells us, now this is not in the Bible, we only know James was killed, but the Bible doesn't tell us how the other Apostles fared. But tradition tells us, that all the Apostles died preaching the Gospel of Christ. There's a simple picture that tells you how each of them died, Matthew, James, Jude, John, Mathias, Philip, Peter, Thomas, James, Simon, Andrew, Bartholomew, how did they all die. Matthew by spear, James my club, Jude by the cross, John was in exile, Matthias was stoned and beheaded and so all of them died for the faith.

Why? Because the resurrection of Jesus Christ changes everything. From a bunch, imagine on the first day, on Sunday, they were a bunch of quivering cowards. They were fearful, they were confused, they were depressed, they were joyless, they were clueless but suddenly they transformed into a fearless bunch of missionaries who were full of joy even when they were beaten up. You say what happened, the resurrection of Jesus Christ changes everything. If Jesus is dead and will never rise again, be depressed but if Jesus is risen, you can be fearless and joyful.

Story is told of a couple, not very happy with each other, the husband was particularly frustrated with the wife for being very naggy. But anyway they went for a trip to Israel, they went to Jerusalem, they had a tour there and suddenly the wife died. She a heart attack and she died. The undertaker came along and says, "Sir, you have two options, you can either bury her here in Jerusalem or you can fly her back to Singapore and bury her. The first option, burying her in Jerusalem will cost you about $1000 but if you want to bring her back to Singapore, that will cost about $20,000. Sir, which one would you choose?" The man says, "It's very clear, I'll bury her in Singapore." "But sir, it's $20,000 you know." "Yes I know, but I want her to be buried in Singapore." He says ,"Why, this is, you're first person I heard that will want to do that, but why would you do that?" "Because I heard, long time ago there was a man who died and was buried here and three days later, He rose again, I will not want to take that risk." The resurrection of Jesus Christ should change everything, even the way we bury.

But it changed the lives of the disciples and really, the resurrection of Christ, changes the history of the world. Do you know that our time, our calendar is divided into two parts because of Christ, BC and AD. Do you know that Jesus, as far as we know, it was not recorded that He drew anything or did any sculpture, but there are more art pieces about Jesus than any other subject matter in this world. As far as we know, Jesus didn't write a song, but there is more music about Jesus than any other subject matter. Jesus never traveled more than a hundred miles from where He lived, where He was born, but there are disciples, followers of Jesus in every corner of this world, you say why, because the resurrection of Jesus Christ changes everything.

He's for real, He's for real and people throughout the ages, believe that if He is risen from the dead, He is for real and we will believe Him and follow Him. And so when Jesus said what He said, you can believe Him. He said, "I am the way, the truth and the life, no one comes to the Father except through Me." (John 14:6) An extremely narrow solution to coming back to God. Extremely narrow, it is not very inclusive, it does not allow you to embrace many religions in the world, He's saying I am the only way.

When you hear someone say this, you can either say He's a liar like Pinocchio, or you think He's a lunatic a crazy man to even think about this, or you can really believe He's for real. I know today He's not a liar, I know He is not crazy, I know this is for real. Why, because He died and rose again. It is the proof I need, it is the proof you need, to know that Jesus is the real deal.

My friends, you and I are sinners, we are born sinners, really, you have no choice but to sin, from the day you were born. That's how you are made, that's how Adam's sin has corrupted all of humanity. We hate God, we run away from God, we wouldn't want Him and you know what, for those who do not find forgiveness, they would die in their sins and be damned in the place called hell, separated from God for evermore.

But here is the love of God, that He would send His Only Son, if there is any other way, Jesus wouldn't need to come, but Jesus is the only way. So He came and He died on the cross, He looked like He was defeated, but there on the cross, He was defeating sin and death and hell and the proof of that victory is that He rose again from the dead. And now we know He is the way, because no one died for our sins successfully. He is the truth because no one will tell us how to get to God, apart from Christ. He is the life because He is the resurrection and the life. And if you today will repent of your sin and believe in this Christ, who proved Himself, by a historical resurrection, you can come to the Father, you can be reconciled with God, you can enter His embrace, you will not be damned for your sins, because Jesus took it all for you on the cross. The resurrection changes everything.


John actually says, this is why I gave you or this is why I wrote the Gospel of John. These are written so that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, I wrote about these, I wrote about the miracles He did, the things He said and the resurrection of His life so that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, not just know, not just hear, but really believe. And when you believe that He is the Chosen One, the Christ who saved us from our sins, He is the Son of God, by believing you may have life. This life is not just physical existence, this life is spiritual life, a relationship with God, forgiveness of sins, the hope of glory that is to come.

How do you know? Christ is risen. As Keller would say, 'The resurrection is a giant receipt," When you buy something, you successfully purchased it, the vendor gives you a receipt. "The resurrection is a giant receipt, stamped across history, that reads: 'Paid In Full.'" Because if the sins are not fully paid for, Jesus cannot rise, but your sins are fully paid for on the cross.

On this resurrection Sunday, I pray if you're here with us for the first time, this is good news. We call this message on Jesus about Jesus, the Good News. Why is it good news? Because it's already paid. It's good news. Every religion tells you bad news, not paid, you pay. The Christian faith, the Bible says you, don't have to pay, you can't pay, but someone, God's Son paid for you and it's cleared, the debt is cleared, because Jesus rose from the dead. Would you believe and find this eternal life with God?

On this resurrection Sunday, I hope not to just encourage you who are new with us, but I also want to speak to my brothers and sisters in Christ. Those who have already believed, are still believing and who want to live for Jesus. I want to encourage you that the resurrection should also change your life. This is not just a message for seekers, this is also a message for believers.

Apostle Paul tells us, because Christ is risen, then this is something that you need to be mindful of. "If the dead are not raised," Paul is saying, if Jesus did not rise from the dead, He is still dead, then "let us eat and drink, for tomorrow we die." (1Cor 15:32) In Chinese I would say jin zhao you jiu, jin zhao zui, heard before or not, some of you lah, means today got wine, today get drunk, I mean just enjoy today.

If Jesus didn't rise from the dead, we are going to be damned for our sins and then you know what life should be all about, enjoy here and now. Enjoy all you can, because when you die, no more enjoyment. So jin zhao you jiu, jin zhao zui, let us eat and drink, for tomorrow we die. But the point is this, since Jesus is alive, since He is a living Savior, then the Christian will never say, let us eat and drink for tomorrow, tomorrow we die. The Christian now lives for something that is beyond the grave, you see? It means that your pursuits, your ambitions, will not be earthly bound, it will not be only for the here and now, you live for something eternal, the resurrection changes the way we live. Because I know there's something far greater to come.

So why do I waste my life in building sand castles here, when there's a mansion that lasts forever more when I serve Him. And because I know Jesus is alive, I will not keep on sinning, as if He's not going to come. He's coming, He's for real. So "Wake up from your drunken stupor, as is right, and do not go on sinning." (1Cor 15:33) You know many people today live as if Jesus is never going to come back, so they indulge in sin, porn, extramarital affairs, bitterness, covetousness, loving the things of this world. Why do you live like that, because, in part, it is because you don't believe Jesus is coming or at least this resurrection truth is not real for you. It doesn't affect the way you live. But to Paul, he says no, if I know Jesus is coming again, I do not want to keep on sinning and I urge you not to keep on sinning. But instead I'll live for God, I'll serve Him, I'll labor for Him and so Paul, ends by saying, "Therefore, my beloved brothers, be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord," (1Cor 15:58a) If He is not risen, don't bother. If He is not alive, don't bother. Why waste your time? Why work so hard? But because He's a alive, the Christian says I'm going to dedicate my life to serving my living Savior.

You know when I go on, as I said GrabHitch and when I'm meet with people, acquaintances, I'll ask about their jobs, they will ask me about my job, I will say I'm serving in church full time I, I, I, I did medicine but I quit and so on, and then they will all ask, "wah, so sayang." Almost all of them. I deliberately bait them there lah, alright, I'll deliberately tell them I was, used to do medicine, aiyoh, oh, so sayang why ah, why ah, why ah, so wasted and in their minds it's really stupid, because study so hard, pay so much money and then you quit it all of a sudden.

But deep in my heart I will say and I'll tell them,  well I don't think it's wasted because Jesus is alive, Jesus is real. There's nothing more wasted than to know that He is alive and I spend my life serving myself and not Jesus. My parents are here, also a lot of adults, when they are older and I was a kid, they will say,  you know you want to believe in any religion, go ahead and do it, but don't, they say in Chinese, xin jiu hao, ker shi bu yao mi xin; believe a little okay, don't believe too much, just a little bit to be enough, it's all right. But you know the resurrection tells me I can't do that. If I really believe, I can't help but give my life to Jesus. He's real.

My friends, if God is not real, then go enjoy your life now. Frankly, earn as much money as you can, buy as many things as you want, commit all kinds of sins, because whether you are sinning a lot or sinning very little, you're still going to be damned. So go ahead, enjoy your life. But if Jesus is alive, don't you think the way we live today, could be more in line with what Paul is speaking about, in 1Corinthians, always abounding in the work of the Lord.

I pray your life would be like what Piper would say, "The life of the Christian can only be explained by hope beyond the grave."

I hope your life will be such a mystery to people; wah, why aah, why would you do that, aiyah, why would you sacrifice that aah, aiyoh why would you give this up, aiyoh, why won't you join us, oh why would you want to work so hard, they would be wondering why, why, why, why, why, you know why, because people can only see life up to the grave. But to the Christian who believes, Christ is risen, we see life beyond the grave and it changes everything.

I want to say to you, some of you who are going through trials, you're going through hardships, maybe you are strickened with terminal illness, cancer, this is a beautiful assurance. I'm not saying cancer is not scary, I'm not saying that illnesses are not scary, I'm scared if I've cancer one day I think. If I have a cancer of the nose and it's, it's protruding out of my face, causes me to be disfigured, I'm scared of that, I don't like that, I don't want that, but whilst I'm scared of dying, I'm not scared of death.

I know that process, five years, three years, will be extremely difficult, but I know, my hope lies beyond the grave. And so Paul could say, "O death, where is your sting?" It's not so painful anymore. "O grave, where is your victory?" (1Cor 15:55) There are people are living in fear of death. I just heard about someone was so scared of death, that wherever he goes, he has to make sure everything is bright, he doesn't want it dark. It's real, someone, we know. But to the Christian, death is not a full-stop. It's a comma, that leads us into the everlasting joy and presence of God.

How sure are you that you have this life? How sure are you, that you will be resurrected, into everlasting joy in God? Well, Thomas Watson says, "We are more sure to arise out of our graves than out of our beds." I thought he puts it so well. Actually you don't really know whether you'll wake up alive tomorrow right, because you may die in your sleep. But to Thomas Watson, he says the Bible is so clear and because Jesus is alive, those who believe in Him will also arise, we are sure to arise out of our graves, we have this blessed assurance, glory is ours.

My friends, this is Easter Sunday, we live because He lives. The Bible says, very simply, God sent His Son, this is a song. They called Him Jesus, no one else. He came to love, to heal, to forgive, to bring you back to God. He bled and died to pay my pardon, an empty tomb is there to prove my Savior lives, paid in full. Because He lives, I can face tomorrow. Because He lives, all fear is gone. Why? Because I know He holds the future and life is worth the living, not eat, drink and be merry kind, but the type that would labor for the Savior, this life is worth the living just because He lives. I believe that, I hope you too will believe.


Let's bow for a word of prayer together. This is a victorious Sunday that we remember. If it is left up to you and me, we could never say it's victorious, we would never be sure. How much good do I have to do in order for me to be forgiven? How much charity do I have to indulge in or involve in to save me from my sins? You would never be sure, but let me tell you, Jesus paid it all, He paid it all on the cross. He is who He says He is. I am the way the truth and the life, no one comes to the Father but by Me.

My friends, it is a very narrow way, we are not trying to be politically correct here, we are trying to be biblically accurate here. According to God and His Word, there's only one way by which men may be saved and that is repentance and faith in Jesus Christ. Repentance means you see your sins, you acknowledge your sins, you acknowledge your unworthiness and helplessness in your sins, you realize you cannot save yourself and now you rely, you rely on Jesus. You believe God for what He has said that He sent His Son to be the ransom for your sins, it is fully paid, because Jesus rose from the dead. I urge you today, if there's one thing you need to do is to make this choice to repent and believe in Jesus Christ.

I pray the resurrection will change everything for you. I pray you will no more be like a doubting Thomas, you will not have to wonder, is this real or is this fake, is this from Pinocchio, no, this is from God, this is from Christ, He proved it with His resurrection, what more can you ask for. May you gloriously humble yourself and find salvation in Jesus, I beg you. Don't lose your soul in hell, don't keep rebelling against God who made you and gave you everything in this life. Oh you say, I, I worked hard, I am a self-made man. Who gave you the intellect to begin with? Who gave you life and breath to begin with? Every day you live on, is the mercy and grace of God, you know that? And it is meant to lead you to repentance. May I pray today will be the day you repent, turn from your sin and come to Jesus Christ, come to Jesus Christ.

My fellow brothers and sisters, what's your life about? You know the world today, the Singapore dream, the American dream tells you to eat, drink and be merry, live happy lives, get as much as you want, do whatever you like. Oh, but my friends, this philosophy of life is only good to the grave. And then after the grave, it is a terrible fate, it is such a wasted life, if you did not live it for Jesus. Today, Jesus should be who you live for, be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord. I thank God for many servants here in Gospel Light. But I pray we will serve even more, not just in church, but serve people in your workplace, in your homes, in your schools, point people to Christ, honor Christ in your life, live for Christ, and I tell you, your labor will never be in vain in the Lord.

Wake up, oh folks, wake up. If Jesus rose up, let us wake up. Let us live for Christ. May resurrection Sunday change your life. Father, thank You again for Your Word, blessed each one here today, because He lives, we can face tomorrow. Comfort each heart, for those who are going through trials and hardships, oh, may we be comforted, that just as that disfigured body of Christ is risen again, we will gloriously be risen with Him, we ask this now in Jesus Name, Amen.

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